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We design Strategic Service Innovation together.

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For Corporate Innovators

Estab­lished companies work with us to make their innovation management successful in the long term. We anchor fast but measurable innova­tions in processes and provide support at all management and specialist levels.

For entrepreneurs

From the first idea, to MVPs, to scaling, start-ups work with us to integrate the combi­nation of business and technical knowledge and experience into their company. We provide the expertise that trans­forms founders into future CEOs.

For universities and start-up centres

Insti­tu­tional start-up facilities, such as start-up centres or fablabs at univer­sities, find in us a partner who guides docked start-up teams through incubation phases in a reflective and experi­enced manner. The science-oriented approach of the pitchnext team helps us to do this.


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::: IN(N)PUT :::

Our scien­tific approach to innovation is based on human-centred thinking. The approach of design thinking, as a human-centred innovation method, is the most important component in the early phase of innovation projects.


  • Design Thinking: As a management/employee workshop, productive, agile working format with a defined result horizon or with trainin­g/team-building character (remote or in-house).
  • Design Sprints: Tight, agile and productive work format with clear deliver­ables, e.g. in the context of an appli­cation develo­pment (remote or in-house).
  • Innovation Data Sprint:Explo­ration of data sources to validate ideas. Ideal as a data basis for business plans, business model canvas or design thinking projects (remote).


We put business models, start-up projects and spin-offs through their paces with rapid proto­typing. In just a few days, we generate user feedback and measurable UX insights that we itera­tively feed back into the innovation process.


  • Rapid Proto­typing as a Service: As a service or in co-creation, digitally experi­en­ceable services can be validated and are for us the logical conse­quence of Design Thinking initia­tives (remote or in-house). 
  • Rapid Proto­typing Training: The ability to express your own (digital) ideas beyond presen­tation slides is an important compe­tence in the digital age. We teach the mix of technical, business and design skills it requires (remote or in-house).
  • Hackathon: As experi­enced hackathon mentors, we organise individual coding and innovation camps in hackathon format with you (remote, in-house or public).

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::: INNO-OPS :::

Beyond fixed ideas are tangible results. We accompany opera­tional innovation management (Inno-Ops) in organi­sa­tions through tangible results and measurable control.


  • Objective Key Results: imple­men­tation and/or training on the OKR format as an agile steering method (remote or in-house).
  • Innovation processes: Visua­li­sation and imple­men­tation of your innovation funnel, typically designed as intensive support (change management, executive coaching and enabling of employees). Intro­duction of a suitable software tool for innovation and trend management (usually at least partly on-site, remote possible).
  • Technical imple­men­tation: For many start-ups, the content management system WordPress has long since become the hub and thus the starting point for their digital offerings. Therefore, we have made it our core compe­tence to implement individual solutions along the WordPress ecosystem.

::: A^2 MANAGEMENT :::

AA^2 stands for AGILE and AUTOMATED. Digital innova­tions must be recog­nisable and tangible both internally (within the company) and externally (to stake­holders and share­holders, customers, fans or the research community). In the hyper­con­nective environment of micro-services, APIs and social media channels, automation and an agile approach are indis­pensable. We rely on cloud automation tools and isolated scripted services, while in the agile approach we always choose the best approach for our client*s from Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban and DevOps.


  • Cloud Automation: In co-creation or service model we automate your business.
  • Agile Marketing: We don’t work off commu­ni­cation plans, but develop agile (= fixed in time and budget) results based on a marketing backlog and trans­parent OKR control.
  • Agile Trainings:As experi­enced agile facili­tators, we pass on knowledge, but even more our experience and scien­tific background on agile methods (in-house, remote or public).In Co-Creation oder im Service­modell automa­ti­sieren wir Ihr Business.

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::: GO VIRAL :::

Ideas without resounding success in the market or the power to change society remain ideas. We help companies to digitally market their innovative products and services. In doing so, we rely on pragmatic, measurable and modern instru­ments and a contem­porary marketing technology stack that enables both automation and UX-oriented use (in the sense of a high-quality and simple user experience).


  • SEO/visibility analysis: initial analysis of your brand on the web and social media. We look not only at technical metrics, but at your company’s overall marketing strategy and objectives.
  • Content strategy: We help you build your editorial strategy and show you how content works in today’s social media like LinkedIn, TikTok or Instagram. 
  • WordPress web develo­pment: Based on the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress, we develop a frontend that is easy to use for you and your marketing team. From this content hub, you control what is usually the first point of contact for your leads.
  • WordPress server and appli­cation management: Where many code depen­dencies are involved, for example through plug-ins, we recommend outsourcing WordPress maintenance. We can ensure that your site is up to date and acces­sible, even with compre­hensive updates, in various stages of expansion.



Since the foundation of pitchnext GmbH, we have been committed to inclusion and equality with all our possi­bi­lities. Especially in our day-to-day project and seminar work, there are many levers that we are happy to share and represent here.

Points of view and related services:

  • Female Empowerment: The legal mandate (e.g. HG NRW) in many places (especially univer­sities and companies) requires equality officers or human resources develo­pment depart­ments to offer targeted innovation and workshop formats. We are prepared for this and have designed topics such as rapid proto­typing, project and time management, as well as networking for a dedicated group of female participants.
  • Female Founders: We are very quickly infected by the enthu­siasm of young female founders. It shouldn’t really be an issue today, but substantial questions arise for female founders at the latest when it comes to cognitive load, KiGa and OGZ. Here we advocate and live a modern under­standing of roles, but without bringing about a struc­tural change in language, thinking and social norms, this will not succeed.
  • Target group-specific prepa­ration: We are happy to adapt all types of training and seminars from our programme to your target group within the framework of a diversity or equality programme. For example, Women/Female Students only, etc. 

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Typisches Einstiegs­slide einer pitchnext-Präsentation

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pitchnext bloggt

We blog about our topics. Your topics. Innova­tions, technology, AdTech, digital marketing, innovation diffusion, agile software development.
Every­thing that drives us in our joint projects.

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“Mr Krüger guided us very compe­tently through a series of agile, inter­ac­tively designed workshops, despite the short-notice switch to a fully digital format, and showed us how to use a number of new tools in the process.”

Prof. Dr. Susanne Staude
President of the Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences

“I have worked with pitchnext many times and I am always impressed. Very likeable team, super committed and experts in their field. Can definitely recommend Nicolai and his team. :-)”

Jenny Jaumann (via Google)
Social Entre­preuner

“A few weeks ago, I took part in a pitchnext training on the topic of “Meistertask and Kanban” and was able to really benefit from it! Even though the workshop was no walk in the park, I have since been able to organise my everyday work more effici­ently and agilely than before. I’m getting along wonderfully with the tools/methods we learned in the training at pitchnext! Thanks for the great content and super instructor Nicolai :)”

Michael Benz (via Google)
Relati­onship­ma­nager Key Account BW-Bank

Further references:

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  • Hochschule Ruhr West
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  • Stadt­werke Wolfsburg

“An all-in-one style consul­tation. Nicolai leads through the sessions in an appre­ciative and constructive way, makes the results available digitally directly after­wards and brings all the tools with him without me having to worry about them as a client. That is very efficient and adds value. It was also a lot of fun.”

Erik Friemel
Entre­preneur and Head of Administration

“Mr Krüger manages to bring projects forward with inspiring ideas and his creative way. His appre­ciation for the team created a striking added value in our transformation.”

Michael Brandt
Agile Coach, LBBW